"I want someone coming to my store- digitally or physically- to feel like someone is coming to my home. I want them to feel loved, I want them to feel valued...when people put my clothes on I want them to feel joyful and happy."

Ginger Howard Selections was founded in 2001 and the identity of the brand is inseparable from the woman behind the name- Ginger Howard. Ms. Howard spearheaded a new generation of female entrepreneurs and small business owners that were few and far between growing up in a small, rural town in Georgia. Ginger’s entrepreneurship started early- she founded her first company, a buying office at just 27 with “a $5,000 dollar loan from my mom, a dream, and a prayer” as she recalls.

The success of this business gave her confidence to start her second business- a trunk show business where she traveled around the country curating selections from different vendors and selling clothing out of people’s homes. This was the beginning of Ginger Howard Selections and Ms. Howard developed lasting relationships with the vendors she included in her shows- many of whom were also young female entrepreneurs following their own dreams and creating exquisite clothing. The intimacy of the trunk show experience- where a woman would host her close friends at her home also provided a model for what Ms. Howard wanted to create in a brick and mortar store- an atmosphere where women could relax and be attended to one on one and at the end of the day emerge with a renewed confidence and joy. 

2021 marked the twentieth anniversary of Ginger Howard Selections physical location on Peachtree Road in Buckhead and far from winding down, the brand built on a dream and a prayer is thriving and growing. This year, Ms. Howard moved her store to a new location in Atlanta on East Andrews Drive as well as completely revamped the brand’s digital experience. The founding principle of Ginger Howard Selections continues to be the brand's mantra: "providing beautiful quality ladies' clothing with exceptional personal service in an atmosphere that is inviting and fun".