What Would Ginger Suggest You Wear to a Funeral?

 A couple of weeks ago, one of our customers came in and I asked her how I could help her. She solemnly replied that I could help her select a dress to wear to her husband's funeral. She teared up as she said it. I felt so sad for her, and then she said, "I know everything you have is so cheery. Do you think I have come to the wrong place?"

I assured her that she had come to the right place and hugged her and told her I would help her. I asked her if she wanted to wear black and she told me she did not and that her husband's favorite color was blue. I pulled every navy dress I could find in her size and put her in the dressing room. She did not need to make a decision that day, she needed someone to make it for her. She had already made so many difficult decisions that I wanted this to be easy for her.

I brought her a beautiful royal blue sheath silk dress by Bigio that looked like a dress Jackie Kennedy would have worn and told her to try it on.

When she opened the dressing room door, the look on her face told me that was the dress for her. She asked if I thought it was too dressy for a funeral and I said, "Absolutely not, it is your husband's funeral and you need to wear what you want to!"

She said, "Everyone who knows him will know why I am wearing this color when they see me."

Before she left I hugged her and prayed for her.

In the meantime another customer who had lost her husband a year and a half ago came in the shop. After the woman left, this woman said to me, "I don't know if you remember but you did the same thing with me eighteen months ago and prayed for me."

I had forgotten, but she hadn't.

Those are the days that make all of it worth it, and I am thankful God has given me a ministry in the marketplace.

SO, all that to say, you don't have to wear black to a funeral, I say wear what makes you feel the best to honor your loved one!