Cedar Mountain Candle, LLC

Reed Diffuser - Sea Salt & Orchid

These sola wood flowers combined with natural reed diffusers are perfect for those wishing to permeate scent throughout a space without using candles. Each diffuser comes with 4 wood flowers, 3 natural rattan reeds and 3 black rattan reeds. The sola wood flowers are made to absorb additional fragrance and release into your space. Remove the cap and place reeds in the bottle. Flowers should be at the top of the reed just like a flower vase. For less scent or to make your diffuser last longer, remove some reeds or flowers. The more reeds use you, the stronger the scent but the quicker your product will be consumed. When all reeds & flowers are used, product will last about 4-5 weeks. With reduction of reeds, product can last up to 3 months.

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