Dragonfly Fragrances

Dragonfly Poinsettia Botanical Diffuser

Experience fragrance in any room with our Dragonfly Poinsettia Diffuser. Holiday evergreens, pinecones and red berries makes this diffuser perfect for the holidays. Your selected scent comes in our signature dragonfly diffuser with 10 natural rattan reeds for maximum diffusion. This square diffuser bottle contains 5 oz fragrance oil and comes with 10 natural rattan reeds. Flip the reeds every 2-3 days for continuous scent. DIFFUSER CARE: Do not light the reeds & keep away from open flames. Reed diffusers are highly flammable. Diffuser liquid may damage polished or painted surfaces. Make sure you wipe any residual oil from the bottom of the bottle before placing on a protected, level surface. Keep away from children and pets and always read individual diffuser warning labels carefully prior to use. Balsam + Fir - This white winter fragrance has the uplifting aroma of majestic balsam fir mingling with a touch of cedar and other soft woody notes. This scent smells as if you are walking through a Christmas tree farm.

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